Processing and packing Systems

We respect and protect the public health by applying the HACCP and ISO models all production, processing and packing procedures. We are always moving forward, we are evolving by using only the best of raw materials and by always having the latest achievements of technology on our side, so that we are able to offer you nothing less than the best!

Only the highest quality packing materials!

We are using only the best friendly-to-use materials as far as our packaging is concerned always following and satisfying even the most demanding needs of our clients by using all the technology currently provided for this cause.

Freshness preservation

We can claim that we are absolutely capable of preserving all the freshness and nutrition value of the final product until it reaches your plate for three essential reasons:

  • immediate cooling on- board at -40C
  • high quality packing material that protects and preserves the final product in the best possible way
  • the cooling chain cannot be “interrupted” under no circumstances until the product reaches your premises