Corporate Social And Environmental Responsibility

For VASSILIOU TROFINKO S.A., Corporate Social Responsibility is part of a long-term strategy, which is a commitment of our company to people, society and the environment. All our actions promote sustainability and the improvement of quality of life at all levels. We envision a future in which conscientiousness, responsibility, mutual aid and respect for fellow human beings, society and the environment are at the heart of each individual’s actions.

Respect For Man & Society

In terms of awareness for offering to the community, VASSILIOU TROFINKO SA provides support to Non-Profit Organizations, Foundations and other social institutions, covering the feeding needs of our fellow human beings.

Applying the principle of equal opportunities to our employees is part of our mentality. Our main concern is their continuous development, based on the personal and professional advancement of each individual and the efficient cooperation of individuals when working in a team.

Similarly, continuous training programs are carried out for a better and more complete understanding of the company’s scope, always in line with the requirements and new demands of our time.

Furthermore, our company carries out blood donations and has had a blood bank since 2016, with over 100 patient coverages.

Our company is against child labour, which deprives this vulnerable group of the right to education. For this reason, every partner company and supplier is screened by members of our team to ensure this non-negotiable right.

Respect for the Environment

Recognizing its responsibility towards the environment, our company focuses its activities on the protection of natural resources and the reduction of its environmental footprint based on the following axes:

Supporting sustainable development and sustainable fishing: Responsible selection of suppliers that apply legal fishing practices and are environmentally friendly. By holding ASC and MSC certifications, our company produces and packages fishery products that come from sustainable fishing practices.

Providing sea turtle food. As part of our company’s environmental responsibility, we contribute to the mission of the ARCHELON association, to eliminate threats and protect this endangered species, by contributing to the provision of part of their food. (e.g. molluscs, crustaceans, fish)

Composting as the final stage of by-product processing. During composting, the organic residues from the production process are modified into biologically stable chemical compounds, resulting in the creation of an excellent soil conditioner for crop production. Consequently, the energy footprint is improved, while the energy for recycling products is reduced to zero.

Recycling and reuse of resources. The company also pays special attention to recycling. It is worth noting that our company carries out complete separation – at source and then complete – recycling of paper, plastic, metal and all kinds of appliances, through their management exclusively by licensed operators. In addition, since 2006 to date we have contributed to the purchase of 3 recycling vehicles through our participation in the “Blue Bin” of the EEAA.

Energy and water conservation in all company operations: The company has set up a system to treat and recycle these from the production area, which with the help of biological purification, the water is reused for watering the green area of the plant.

Photovoltaic panels: Saving the electricity required to run our production plant, as well as generating electricity from renewable sources. Currently, 20% of the total demand of the production plant is covered by solar energy.

Reduction of exhaust emissions. Optimizing the use of vehicles by saving fuel in the transport of materials, products and goods and measuring factory emissions.

Reduction of plastic use: Continued efforts to reduce packaging materials, with an emphasis on plastics. Commitment of our suppliers towards this and a plan to reduce plastic by 30% in all our packaging by 2030.

Use of electronic records: reduce the number of printouts through the use of electronic documents.

Continuous measurement of all environmental indicators, with the aim of their continuous improvement, by designing, implementing and monitoring the implementation of corresponding environmental programs.

Sustainability and responsible selection of raw material suppliers

Aiming at the all-round progress and improvement of our business, as well as the processes it follows, we build and invest in healthy and fruitful partnerships.

Our priority is to respect the environment:

  • Certified with BRC IFS Food Safety Certificates
  • Certified with MSC/ASC certificates of sustainable fishing practices
  • Certified with FSC certificates for their packaging materials