Our Principles


Ensuring the high quality of our products is a non-negotiable principle and moral commitment for us. It is our obligation to ensure that our product reaches the final consumer with the right specifications, proper maintenance and management.


Aiming at the all-round progress and improvement of our business, as well as the processes it follows, we build and invest in healthy and fruitful partnerships and apply innovations in technology and computerization.

Our priority is to respect the environment. The MSC certification means we have an obligation to respect the rules against the abuse of fish stocks in order to continue to have life in the oceans. Further, the ASC certification translates into hundreds of requirements covering potential impacts of aquaculture, such as water quality, responsible sourcing of feed, disease prevention, animal welfare, fair treatment and remuneration of workers, and maintaining positive relations with neighbouring communities being put under consideration. Similar tactics and procedures aimed at sustainability are followed for animal products.

Reliable suppliers

Respect for our suppliers is a non-negotiable principle, as they are a link in the chain for the success of the business.

Before the selection of raw materials, our company carries out an on-site inspection of each production unit. Our partnerships with our suppliers are long-term and our agreements focus on reliable product selection, setting specific terms and specifications. Upon arrival at our factory, the purchased product is checked and its specifications are verified by macroscopic and sensory inspection systems.

Reliable customers

The long-term partnerships of trust that we have built throughout our course, focus on the proper management and maintenance of the product until its consumption. Our mentality, as carved out by our founder Dimitris Vassiliou, puts the focus on advising and guiding the customer. Our partnerships aim for the complete satisfaction of the final consumer and therefore contribute to the continuous development of both the customer and our business.