Quality & Certifications

For us, taste is synonymous with the word “quality“. In order for a product to reach your table, our company carries out daily checks of the products at all stages.

A basic requirement is the strict selection of raw materials, through the evaluation of the specifications and certifications of our suppliers, as well as the strict adherence to the Quality Assurance System (QAS) of VASSILIOU TROFINKO SA. All of the above ensure that the product will reach the final consumer in excellent, high quality and safe condition, aiming at the complete satisfaction of his expectations.

In order to ensure that the final product bears our quality seal, corresponding controls are carried out on the packaging materials. Our aim is to use the minimum possible material needed to keep the product freshly frozen, as packaged, until the minimum shelf life date.

Through the word “quality”, we mean the knowledge, care, experience and systematic training of each employee in a wide range of subjects (hygiene, modern production processes, technical support, modern control methods, development of control and production staff, etc.) In addition, our scientific staff is constantly updated on changes in food legislation and the latest developments in food quality and safety research, revising, whenever necessary and in an appropriate manner, the HACCP study or the Company’s Food Safety Policy. With all the above actions, VASSILIOU TROFINKO SA ensures that a safe, tasty and high quality product reaches your table.

VTF Certifications