Pioneering Study in collaboration with Harokopeio University

At VASSILIOU TROFINKO SA, the opening of our factory in Magoula, Attica, in 2004 brought about a dynamic trajectory in the specialization of seafood. Our distinguished scientific team is composed of qualified and experienced fish and food scientists and certified food technologists. We also collaborate with veterinarians and chemical engineers with many years of experience in the field.

Our team’s priority, commitment and guarantee is the quality and safety of the products you buy.

Great faith in our company’s products and potential resulted in eighteen years of continuous growth and we decided to raise the standards even higher. In addition to safety and consistent quality, which are timeless and non-negotiable values for us, we decided to guarantee the nutritional value of our products with the signature of distinguished universities in Greece.

Thus, we chose to collaborate with Harokopeio University, and more specifically with Mr. George Boskos, associate professor of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Science and his team.

Through this collaboration, which is a first in Greece in the field of fisheries, our 7 THALASSES products were studied for their nutritional value.

  • The nutrients and trace elements of the products were analysed.
  • Nutrition and health claims for each product were examined.
  • Nutrient-weighted meals with frozen fish were created in collaboration with Chef
  • Iakovos Apergis, head of the kitchen at Tzaneio Hospital.